Saving Lives Through Health Awareness & Knowledge of Current Drug Policies Regarding
Adverse Reaction Medications ~ Lamictal is a product of GlaxoSmithKline



Our Stories of Misdiagnosis and the Ravages
of Stevens Johnson Syndrome

>Penny: Misdiagnosed w/ virus, severe permanent eye trauma

>Christopher K: Misdiagnosed by Drs & at ER for one week

>Jackie B: Misdiagnosed for 9 days

In the State of Washington it is the current view of the courts that:

"Drug manufactures may only be required to reference a particular side effect by name in the warning label to sufficiently inform consumers and physicians. Warning labels do not need to include diagnostic tips, even when misdiagnosis is known."<Source>

Our expert witness Dr Esam Dajani "...will testify concerning GSK's duty to timely and appropriately inform, advise and warn prescribing physicians, emergency room physicians of Lamictal, of the early signs and symptoms of toxicity of this anticonvulsant class of drug." (from deposition)
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