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>Penny: Misdiagnosed w/ virus, severe permanent eye trauma

I began as a test patient on what was then a new rx called Felbatol.  For the first few weeks everything was fine, but then I began to feel a bit ill.  When after a few days a rash began to show, I decided to see my regular physician, instead of my neurologist who had prescribed the rx, & was told that it was probably just a virus. So, I went home to rest, & continued taking the Felbatol.  Thankfully, when after a few more days, my conditions quickly worsened, my parents took me to their family physician, & he recognized the SJS.  He sent us to my neurologists office, & by the time we got there, I could barely stand.  We were then sent to the local hospital where my father then had to carry me into the emergency room.  My strength was gone. By then I had luckily lost consciousness, so my suffering temporarily slept.  By the time I woke up, I had been taken to Crozier Chester Burn Center in Philadelphia, PA. where they gave me skin grafts over most of my body.  They had kept me comatose for the first four weeks, then very slowly brought me back to consciousness.  Because of the burns in my mouth, I lived on Ensure for over a year.  I am still very sensitive to spicy foods, but am much better there.  All of my finger & toe nails fell off, & only two partial thumb nails returned.  Thankfully the cuticles that are there have hardened.  Some of them are a bit lumpy, though.  Any parts of me that open to air are forever a bit raw. My eyes are what have had the strongest effect on my life. My tear canals are very damaged making my eyes very dry.  Most of my eyelashes have permanently fallen out, & some that do now grow, grow into my eyes.  Unfortunately, one lash wasn't pulled soon enough, & the constant blinking tore my cornea.  The cornea transplants didn't enjoy the dryness in my eyes, or the coarseness now on the inside of my eyelids, so many of them were rejected.  To be sure that the sixth transplant stayed, I was given a strong dose of steroids called prednisone, which also had many nasty effects.  The last cornea stayed, but I can only see light through it, & the worst effect from the prednisone was that it caused glaucoma in my good eye, so now there is only tunnel vision in that eye.  At times, my poor cats still trust my sight, only to be taught that they should not.  
I have been fortunate that although the man that I was married to during the onset could not handle the permanent effects, I miraculously found my current husband that accepts me as I am.  I also am very grateful that I worked for a large corporation that now, because of my lost sight, covers me until I am 65 with partial pay for a long term medical leave.  I have learned that with every hardship in life, God blesses me, also.  Life is good (but a whole body transplant would still be happily accepted...)!         

Bob W: Misdiagnosed w/ virus, severe permanent eye trauma



In the State of Washington it is the current view of the courts that:

"Drug manufactures may only be required to reference a particular side effect by name in the warning label to sufficiently inform consumers and physicians. Warning labels do not need to include diagnostic tips, even when misdiagnosis is known."<Source>

Our expert witness Dr Esam Dajani "...will testify concerning GSK's duty to timely and appropriately inform, advise and warn prescribing physicians, emergency room physicians of Lamictal, of the early signs and symptoms of toxicity of this anticonvulsant class of drug." (from deposition)

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